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Join us in October 2020...For the next cohort of our new program - Food Freedom Journey. End the fight with food and your body - FOR GOOD.
Thousands of women around the world have been asking us to create this - and we listened, cause we got you <3 

The Food Freedom Journey is a monthly membership program that includes:

  • Monthly Themes To Free You From Food & Body Struggles. Each topic addresses a key area to help you break free, like Trust With Food, Body Acceptance, Release Through Breath & Movement, and more!
  • 1 90 Minute Live Webinar Training With Samantha. In our monthly call I’ll share stories about how I’ve personally used the teachings in the monthly theme in my own life to heal, you’ll receive practical tips to apply it to your life, and you can ask any questions! 
  • 1 90 Minute Live Webinar Training With Cheryl, Director of Hungry For Happiness Mentorship. In addition to the work we do together on the monthly theme, Cheryl will provide extra support and guidance based on her experience of getting free. 
  • 5 30-Minute Q&A Integration Calls With Other Top Coaches and Mentors. You’ll be able to share your struggles and receive guidance on how to move through any challenges that come up on your journey to freedom.
  • ​​Support from a mentor who is a certified food & body coach. You’ll be paired up with a mentor who has overcome her own food and body issues, and helped thousands of other women do the same.  
  • ​A Private Membership Site Where You’ll Have Access to All Course Materials Any Time You Want. This includes all webinar recordings, Q&A recordings, video lectures, integrative workbooks, guided meditations, breathwork audios, and all supplemental and bonus resources. 
  • Private Facebook Community. We take a stand that no woman has to feel or be alone on this journey. In addition to the support we provide directly, we also offer a private Facebook group where you can connect with your mentor and other ladies in the program to support you on your journey.
Due to the amount of support provided to each member, space is limited. Be the first to know when the Food Freedom Journey goes live! Plus receive our Body Love meditation for FREE!
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