Discover What You're Actually Hungry For
Make 2020 The Year You End the Struggle with Food & Your Body For Good
Mini-Series Broadcast Jan. 9-14, 2020
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Your Mini-Series Host
Samantha Skelly
Founder, Hungry for Happiness & Mini-Series Host
Samantha Skelly is a sought after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert. She is the Founder of Hungry for Happiness, a movement that helps people experience true transformation and happiness through trained certified coaches who utilize emotional and energetic coaching techniques and Founder of PAUSE Breathwork, which has a mission to unite humanity by helping people breathe, feel, and thrive.
Your Health & Wellness Speakers
Geneen Roth
Author, Teacher
Embracing Your Messy Magnificent Life - A Field Guide to Mind, Body, and Soul
Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin
Psychoanalyst, Author, Radio Host
The Binge Cure:
7 Steps to Outsmart Emotional Eating
Stephanie Dodier
Clinical nutritionist
Claim Your Power Back from Diet Culture & Food with Intuitive Eating
Erin Treloar
Health Coach & Founder Raw Beauty Talks
5 Steps to Overcome the Battle with Food & Your Body
Lisa Goldberg
Nutritionist / Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach
How to Rewire Your Brain &
Create Lasting Change
Dr. Melissa McCreery
Psychologist, Author, & Coach
Why Smart, Busy Women Overeat & How to Break
the Cycle
Natalie Zises
Diet and Binge Recovery Coach
Breaking Up with Bingeing: How to End Your Diet-Binge Cycle and Become an Intuitive Eater for Life!
Tricia Nelson
Emotional Eating Expert
Breaking Up with Ben & Jerry
Dr. Thaddeus Gala
Chiropractor, Founder, Author
Not Sitting Passenger to Your Brain
Mindy Gorman-Plutzer
Eating Psychology Coach
Stop Fearing Food & Start Loving Your Body: An Unconventional approach to Say Goodbye to Your Disordered Eating for Good
Brittany Brown
Master Coach & CEO of Beating Binge Eating
How Your Brain Makes You Binge Eat (and How to Work with it to Stop for Good)
Heather Aardema
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach & Aspiring Minimalist
How to Live a Lighter Life:  A Blueprint for Clearing Away the Clutter That's Holding You Back From Living the Life You Want
Melissa Kathryn
Wellness Expert & Transformation Coach
The No Diet Approach to Release the Weight & Love Your Body Now
Mordechai Wiener
Weight Loss & Health Advocate
How to Reclaim Your Body &
Reclaim Your Life
Christy Harrison
Anti-diet Registered Dietitian & Author
How to Escape Diet Culture and Make Peace with Food
Melissa Ambrosini
Bestselling Author, Speaker, & Podcaster
Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl & Making Peace with Your Plate
Sarah Jenks
Life Coach, Emotional Eating Expert & Priestess Pack Read founder of Whole Woman
Femininity and the Sacred Feminine
Maggie Berghoff
Functional Medicine Health Consultant, Speaker, Author
Simple Yet Highly Effective Strategies To Up-Level Your Health For Good

Jessi Jean
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
How To Use Your Body & Breath To Conquer Binge Eating

Brittany Pollard
Director of Programs & Partnerships at Hungry for Happiness
How Fitness Competitions Are Feeding & Creating Eating Disorders

Samantha Skelly
Founder, Hungry for Happiness & Mini-Series Host
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Join this FREE online event with 20 Health Experts
Discover What You're Actually Hungry For
January 9 - January 14, 2020
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